Messmer : Le fascinateur


This one-hour show will surely fill its audience with wonder, taking viewers on an incredible voyage throughout master hypnotist Messmer’s own universe.

Messmer submerges his subjects into the depths of their subconscious in an effort to have them live unusual experiences. By perfectly mastering the art of energy transfer, he persuades his guests to take the most bizarre suggestions. The scenarios are more than often uproarious. Messmer bewitches virtually anyone who dares catch his eye, making them lose all sense of time and space. He causes learned knowledge to entirely disappear, such as the notion of the alphabet or the existence of the number 7. Messmer can even convince an individual that he or she is someone else. His subjects obey his finger and eye commands as he fully controls their will and emotions.

Viewers experience a broad range of emotions: amazement, astonishment, laughter, confusion, and much more. The spirit master invites you into his bubble of fascination, free of all special effects. An unforgettable journey into the confines of the brain and the soul.

Special guests Marcel Sabourin, Sylvie Boucher, Bianca Gervais, Luis Oliva and Ginette Reno.