L'expérience Messmer (TVA)


L'expérience Messmer arrive à TVA!

Messmer, the great Fascinator, and the popular animator Gino Chouinard invite you for a humorous hour and a half of pure entertainment with L'expérience Messmer. During this crazy night, Messmer will plunge under hypnosis several Quebec personalities. Under the suggestions brought by Messmer, these stars will live incredible and hilarious adventures! Recorded in front of the public, the show also features big hypnotic numbers, shot in various environments and featuring many guests (animators, journalists, humorists, comedians, singers, etc.).

A hilarious, surprising and intriguing journey into the world of fascination!

Episode 1
Guests : Mathieu Baron, Émily Bégin, Étienne Boulay, Jean-Marie Lapointe, Annick Lemay, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Annie-Soleil Proteau and Marie-Claude Savard.
Diffusion : November 16, 2017

Episode 2
Guests : Alain Choquette , Paul Daraîche , Claudia Ebacher, Stéphane Fallu, Maxime Landry, Denis Lévesque, Vincent Léonard, Jean-François Mercier, Colette Provencher and Martin Vachon . Diffusion : December 3, 2017

Episode 3
Guests : Pascal Morrissette, Georges St-Pierre, Jeff Boudreault, Alice Morel-Michaud, Julie Ringuette, Keven Raphaël, Martin Cloutier, Dominic Sillon, Brandon St-Jacques, Anne Casabonne et Alexe Gaudreault.
Diffusion : 9 décembre 2018

Episode 4
Guests : Marianne St-Gelais, Alexandre Despatie, Alex Tagliani, Debbie Lynch-White, Ludivine Reding, Guillaume Gauthier, Laurence Latreille, Dave Morissette, Sébastien Benoit, Tammy Verge et Peter MacLeod
Diffusion : 16 décembre 2018