Défiez le temps, l'espace d'un instant...

After having concluded his last tour in Québec, with more than 450 shows and more than 250,000 tickets sold, Messmer is returning to France with his new show, Intemporel. This time, Messmer invites spectators to enter into his experimental laboratory to experience new adventures that are more astonishing and entertaining than ever. In a futuristic universe, independent of time, Messmer confounds the past, present and future, allowing his subjects to travel across time, space and land. Messmer combines technology with his various techniques in order to push the limits of the subconscious, engaging all the senses during these experiences. The brain holds no secrets for the Fascinator! Intemporel invites spectators, both on stage and in the room, to participate in his hilarious and astonishing acts. Step into his new laboratory of mystery, awe and laughter, where the possibilities are endless! Messmer surprises yet again and allows us to dream with his new show Intemporel